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The present study is concerned with the flora of the Kalabak Basin, an area lying to the south-west of the city of Eskişehir that supplies Eskişehir with drinking water. As a result of our evaluation of the plant specimens collected over 3 years (2001 to 2003), 71 families, as well as 575 taxa belonging to 307 genera, were determined to occur in the study area (569 species, 3 subspecies, and 3 varieties). Two of these taxa belong to Pteridophytes, 5 belong to Gymnosperms, and 568 belong to Angiosperms (488 Dicotyledons, 80 Monocotyledons) subdivisions. The largest families are Asteraceae (80), Fabaceae (51), and Brassicaceae (40) in terms of the number of species and subspecies included. Genera represented by the highest number of species are Allium L. (13), Verbascum L. (9), and Centaurea L. (8). The distribution of phytogeographic elements is 95 for Irano-Turanian (16.52%), 82 for Euro-Siberian (14.26%), 51 for Mediterranean (8.86%), and 347 for others (60.34%). The number of endemic taxa within the study area is 80 (13.91%). Ninety-one taxa are new records for the B3 square.


Flora, Kalabak Basin, Eskişehir, Turkey

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