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The present study involves the flora of Balıkdamı Wetland and its surroundings in Sivrihisar, Eskişehir, Turkey. This 2-year study (2002-2003) examined the plant samples collected in this region and determined that there are 51 families, as well as 250 taxa belonging to 173 genera (247 species, 1 subspecies, and 2 varieties). All of these taxa belong to the Angiosperms (201 Dicotyledons, 49 Monocotyledons) subdivision. The largest families are Brassicaceae (31), Poaceae (29), and Fabaceae (25) in terms of the number of species and subspecies included. Genera represented by the highest number of species are Alyssum L. (5), Centaurea L. (5), and Consolida L. (4). The phytogeographical distribution is as follows: 47 Irano-Turanian (18.8%), 27 Euro-Siberian (10.8%), 23 Mediterranean (9.2%), and 153 unknown or other-regional elements (61.2%). The number of endemic taxa within the study area is 29 (11.6%). Fifty-one taxa are new records for the B3 square.


Flora, Balıkdamı Wetland, Eskişehir, Turkey

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