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This research was carried out from 2004 to 2006 in order to determine the flora of the region between Zeytinbahçe and Akarçay, Birecik district. The research area is situated in Şanlıurfa province and within C7 of the grid system. In the area, 442 taxa belonging to 62 families and 253 genera were determined. Of all the collected specimens, 30 taxa are new records for the C7 square, 16 (3.59%) taxa are endemic for Turkey, 2 taxa belong to Cryptogamae, and 440 taxa belong to Phanerogamae. In the distribution of the taxa according to floristic regions, Irano-Turanian elements ranked first, with a rate of 30.79%; followed by Mediterranean elements, with a rate of 11.46%; Euro-Siberian elements, with a rate of 2.92%; and Sahora-Arabian elements, with a rate of 0.22%. Of the species determined, 8.01% are widespread, while 46.77% of the taxa are of unknown or multiregional phytogeographical region. The families with the most taxa in the research area are Asteraceae (64), Fabaceae (51), Poaceae (40), Brassicaceae (24), Lamiaceae (23), and Apiaceae (20). Concerning the number of species, the richest genera in this region are as follows: Astragalus L. (8), Medicago L. (8), Trigonella L. (7), Euphorbia L. (7), Vicia L. (6), Trifolium L. (6), Centaurea L. (5), and Salvia L. (4).


Akarçay, Birecik, Flora, Şanlıurfa, Zeytinbahçe, Turkey

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