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The influence of foliar GA_{3} application (0, 10^{-4}, 10^{-5}, or 10^{-6} M) on the responses of Nigella sativa L. to various levels of N fertilisation (0, 176, 264, 352, or 442 mg N pot^{-1}) was analysed through 2 pot experiments conducted at the Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. The N fed plants showed a significant enhancement of capsule number and seed yield plant^{-1}, and nitrate reductase activity, as well as protein and oil yields plant^{-1}, especially upon application of 352 mg N pot^{-1}. Moreover, the effect of basal N was further potentiated following an additional treatment with various GA_{3} concentrations. However, in contrast to all other parameters, seed oil content decreased with either treatment. Nonetheless, the combined application of 352 mg N pot^{-1} and 10^{-5} M GA_{3} proved to be maximally stimulative.


Nigella sativa, nitrate reductase, nitrogen, GA_{3}, seed oil content, seed protein content, seed yield

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