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In this study, comparative morphological, anatomical and palynological studies of Stachys L. sect. Ambleia Bentham species (Lamiaceae) in Turkey are carried out on the plants collected from their type localities. These species are Stachys cydni Kotschy ex Gemici & Leblebici and S. yildirimlii M. Dinç, which are highly local endemics. Morphologically, micromorphological features of the trichomes are studied. Trichome morphology appears to have a taxonomic value with respect to the results. The anatomical studies on cross-sections of stems, leaves, and surface sections of leaves are presented. According to the anatomical comparison between the 2 species, the pith structure of the stems, the cuticle thickness of the leaves, and stomatal distribution on the leaves are the distinguishing features of the species. Scanning electron microscope studies on the pollen grains show that exine ornamentation is clearly different in the 2 species. Whereas the pollen grains of S. yildirimlii have a retipilate exine ornamentation, those of S. cydni have a reticulate ornamentation.


Stachys, Ambleia, anatomy, micromorphology, palynology, taxonomy, Lamiaceae, Turkey

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