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This investigation was carried out between 1997 and 2002 in order to research the forest vegetation of Karagöl-Sahara National Park (Artvin). This vegetation was studied according to the traditional Braun-Blanquet approach. A total of 114 quadrats were examined. In the area under review, forest vegetation is represented by Querco petraea-Piceetum orientalis ass. nov., Fraxinetosum angustifoliae subass. nov., Crataegetosum microphyllae subass. nov., Junipero oxycedri-Pinetum sylvestris ass. nov., Fago orientalis-Abietum nordmannianae ass. nov., Pino sylvestris-Piceetum orientalis ass. nov., Abieti nordmannianae-Piceetum orientalis ass. nov., Abieti nordmannianae-Pinetum sylvestris ass. nov., and Junipero communi-Pinetum sylvestris ass. nov. Seven associations and 2 subassociations are new syntaxa to science. The distribution of the associations in the investigation area and their brief ecologies are provided. Some soil samples taken from various plots representing different plant associations were analysed.


Artvin, Lesser Caucasus, Colchic, forest vegetation, phytosociology, Syntaxonomy, Şavşat

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