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The effect of seed mass on germination, seedling survival and growth was investigated in Prunus jenkinsii Hook.f. & Thoms. (Rosaceae), an evergreen tree species. Seed mass varied from a minimum of 0.5 g to a maximum of 2.72 g. Seed mass had a significant effect on the percentage of seeds that germinated: 28%, 41% and 42%, respectively, of light- (1.5 g), intermediate- (> 1.5 to 2 g) and heavy-weight (> 2 g) seeds germinated. After 1 year of germination, the seedlings that arose from heavy-, intermediate- and light-weight seeds showed 80%, 63% and 42% survival, respectively. Seedling vigour, expressed in terms of shoot and root length, number of leaves, leaf area and dry matter yield, was significantly affected by seed mass. Seedlings that emerged from heavy seeds showed better growth and produced heavier seedlings as compared to intermediate- and light-weight seed categories.


Seed mass, germination, seedling survival, seedling vigour

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