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The subalpine and alpine flora of Altındere Valley (Maçka, Trabzon) was investigated during 2000-2002. The study area is situated in the Colchis sector of the Euro-Siberian floristic area of the Holarctic region with regard to plant geography. In this area, 384 plant taxa belonging to 61 families and 190 genera were determined. The largest family is Asteraceae (39; 10%), and the second largest is Rosaceae (35; 9%). The rates of the taxa belonging to certain phytogeographical regions are as follows: 50.27% Euro-Siberian, 5.99% Irano-Turanian and 1.04% Mediterranean. Moreover, phytogeographically unknown taxa are 42.70%. Thirty-two endemic (8.3%) and 9 rare (2.3%) taxa were determined in the study area. Endemic and rare plants were classified according to IUCN threat categories.

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