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In this study, 101 species of microfungi and their hosts, which were found in Ordu Province are described. The research was carried out between 2002 and 2004. Approximately 1465 vascular plant specimens, plants infected with microfungi or not, were collected from the area. At the end of the study of the host plants, 35 families, 114 genera, and 138 host plant species (151 taxa) were established. The 101 species of microfungi were observed on the collected host specimens. These species belong to 23 genera and 13 families; 24 species belong to Ascomycota, 73 to Basidiomycota, and 4 to Mitosporic Fungi (Deuteromycota). One microfungus is given only at the generic level and 6 species are new records for Turkey.


Microfungi, new records, parasite, Ordu, Turkey

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