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Natural sources used as folk medicines in Merzifon were investigated in this study. It was determined that 35 plant and 4 animal species together with 3 animal and 1 inorganic sources are being used as various preparations of folk medicines in Merzifon area. All the collected medicinal plants were identified and voucher specimens were deposited in the Herbarium of Hacettepe University, Faculty of Pharmacy (HUEF). Local names, part(s) used, methods of preparation and traditional usages of folk medicines are given in this paper. Traditional herbal medicines were mostly used for gastrointestinal system diseases, heart and circulatory system disorders. When our findings were compared with previously published literatures on folk medicines in Turkey, new local names for 4 species and different usages for 6 plants were found. Moreover, Scorzonera eriphora DC. and Beta trigyna Waldst & Kit. were found to be used as folk medicines in Turkey for the first time in this study.


Folk medicine, Merzifon (Amasya), Turkey

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