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This paper describes a floristic study on Kirmir valley, between Güdül and Yeşilöz district, in Ankara province. The study was carried out during 2000-2003 and 1040 vascular plant specimens were collected. Four hundred and forty-eight wild taxa belonging to 266 genera and 74 families were determined. Furthermore, as for cultivated plants, 45 taxa were determined. The total number of wild and cultivated plant species is 493. Thirty-two of the wild taxa are endemic to Turkey and the rate of endemism is 7.1%. The 3 largest families are Asteraceae (43 taxa), Brassicaceae (40 taxa), and Fabaceae (37 taxa). The largest 3 genera are Alyssum L. with 10 taxa, Veronica L. with 7 taxa and Salvia L., Astragalus L. and Vicia L. with 6 taxa. The phytogeographical distribution of the wild species is as follows: Irano-Turanian elements 73 (16.3%), Mediterranean elements 46 (10.3%) and Euro-Siberian elements 43 (9.6%). Forty-seven species are new records for the A4 square. Similarities between the taxa and ratio of phytogeographical elements of Kirmir valley and those of 10 other studies performed near our study area were compared using clustering analysis.


Flora, Kirmir valley, Güdül, Yeşilöz, Ankara, Turkey

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