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Based on published records, in Turkey 3 species of Anthocerotopsida, 163 species and intraspecific taxa of Hepaticopsida and 721 species and intraspecific taxa of Bryopsida are recognised. They are listed in alphabetical order in a reference list to achieve a certain standardisation in the use of names. Including synonyms, in total 1731 names are treated. Critical taxa, doubtful records or taxonomical remarks are briefly discussed in 77 annotations. In addition, an up-to-date list of 219 references (from 1829 to January 2004) on the bryological literature of Turkey is given. The references are annotated and provide information on content, especially on the new taxa published in the older literature.


Anthocerotopsida, Bryopsida, check-list, Hepaticopsida, literature, nomenclature, taxonomy, Turkish bryophytes

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