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The flora of the Elmalı Cedar Research Forest (Antalya) was investigated. From the research area, 1296 samples were collected between September 2000 and September 2002. Of the 1296 samples, 83 represent families, 320 represent genera and 689 represent species that have been identified. The total number of species, subspecies and varieties of taxa was 708. In the analysed samples, 3 species were new to the scientific world. Twenty-eight of the taxa were collected for the first time from square C2. The number of endemic species in the research area is 141 (20.46%). Among the analysed species, 195 (28.30%) are Mediterranean elements, 87 (12.62%) are Irano-Turanian elements, 18 (2.61%) are Euro-Siberian elements, and 389 (56.45%) are multi-regional or species whose phytogeographical regions are unknown. In the investigated area, Asteraceae is the richest family, with 73 species and Astragalus L. is the richest genus, with 17 species.


Cedar Research, Endemism, Elmalı, Flora, Vegetation

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