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This study presents investigations into the morphological, anatomical and ecological features of Tulipa armena Boiss. var. lycica (Baker) Marais. T. armena var. lycica, an endemic species which was collected from the Eskişehir, Alpu-Bozan plantation area and from Kunduzlar Dam and its environs. The species is a new record for Eskişehir. For morphological studies a description and illustrations of T. armena var. lycica are given. The morphological differences were compared with the Flora of Turkey. For anatomical studies, cross-sections of the root, stem and leaves and surface sections of the leaves of T. armena var. lycica are investigated for the first time. Furthermore, for ecological investigations, the chemical and physical properties of the soil are analysed. The climate of Eskişehir and other climatic features are also given.


Tulipa armena var. lycica, endemic, morphology, anatomy, ecology

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