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The floristic characteristics of Beydağı are given and the vascular plant species growing there are documented. Beydağı is situated in the south of Malatya province and is in the Irano-Turanian phytogeographical region. The research was carried out between 1986 and 2000. Two thousand one hundred plant specimens were collected from the area. At the end of the study, 873 vascular plant species (897 taxa, 185 subsp., 112 var.) and 357 genera belonging to 73 families were identified: 140 taxa (16.9%) are endemic to Turkey. The phytogeographic elements are represented in the study area as follows: Irano-Turanian 364 (40.44%), Mediterranean 98 (11.1%), and Euro-Siberian 32 (3.7%). Finally, 101 new records were established for the B7 square.

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