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This study concerns the flora of the northern part of the Emirdağ nountains. According to Davis's grid system, the research area lies in B3 square. Four hundred and ninety-five taxa belonging to 279 genera and 70 families were found after the identification of 754 plant specimens collected from the research area. Forty-seven taxa are new records for the B3 grid square. The rate of endemism is 15.9%. The distribution of taxa within the phytogeographical regions is as follows: Irano-Turanian elements 17.9%, Mediterranean elements 8.8% and Euro-Siberians 5.4%. Moreover, 67.9% of total taxa are undetermined as far as the phytogeographic area is concerned or cosmopolitan. The largest 3 families are Asteraceae (53 species), Fabaceae (52 species) and Lamiaceae (44 species). The largest 3 genera are Astragalus L. (12 species), Silene L. (9 species) and Salvia L. (8 species).


Flora, Emirdağları, Turkey

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