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This study includes species of Poaceae (Gramineae) growing in Malatya province. According to the grid system used in the Flora of Turkey, the research area is situated in the B6, B7, C6 and C7 squares. Approximately 346 plant specimens were collected from the area. At the end of the study 89 species (101 taxa) belonging to 47 genera were identified. Species' totals of the larger genera in the study area as follows: Bromus L. 10, Elymus L. 6, Aegilops L. 6, Hordeum L. 5, Alopecurus L. 4, Poa L. 4, and Stipa L. 4. The phytogeographic elements represented in the study area are as follows: Irano-Turanian 29 (28.7%), Mediterranean 9 (8.9%) and Euro-Siberian 6 (5.9%). Species appraised according to IUCN Red Data Categories (IUCN, 2001) include 1 EN-(Endangered) taxon, 4 Vu-(Vulnerable) taxa, 1 NT-(Near Threatened) taxon and 2 LC-(Least Concern) taxa. Four species are endemic to Turkey.


Malatya, Poaceae (Gramineae), Morphological

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