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Five Aspergillus Fr.:Fr. species and 3 varieties were described from the point of view of colonial and morphological characteristics. These species and varietes are isolated from soil, grape and sultana raisins from vineyards in Manisa and İzmir provinces (Turkey). These are as follows: A. flavofurcatus Bat. & H.Maia, A. heteromorphus Bat. & H.Maia, A. pulverulentus (McAlpine) Wehmer, A. unguis (Emile-Weil & L.Gaudin) Thom & Raper, A. viridinutans Ducker & Thrower, A. foetidus Thom & Raper var. pallidus (Nakaz., Simo & A.Watan.) Raper & Fennell, A. foetidus Thom & Raper var. acidus (Nakaz., Simo and A.Watan.) Raper & Fennell and A. nidulans (Eidam) G.Winter var. acristatus Fennell & Raper. The final 2 are cited for the first time in Turkey.


Mycoflora, Aspergillus, Manisa, İzmir, Turkey

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