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Jasione L., a genus with small flowers in compact ebracteolate heads subtended by involucral bracts, is very isolated in the Campanulaceae. It is mainly a Mediterranean-European genus with c. 15, mostly polymorphic, species, which show evidence of recent speciation, possibly as recent as the last glaciation. In the west of its distributional range, where the greatest morphological variation occurs, there has been much recent investigation on morphology, anatomy, phenetics, molecular evidence and nomenclature. This research has provided considerable evidence for a reduction in the number of taxa that should be recognised. On-going research is focused on more detailed molecular studies and incorporating the East Mediterranean taxa within the framework established for those of the West. In Flora of Turkey (6: 86, 1978), 4 mostly localised species were recognised in one of which, J. supina Sieber, 4 subspecies are accepted. Further investigation of these Turkish taxa is a prerequisite towards a fuller understanding of the taxonomy and phylogeny of this interesting genus.


Jasione, Campanulaceae, ITS sequencing, molecular phylogenetic analysis

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