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In this study Astragalus L. with bifurcating hairs in sectional levels in Iran are discussed (subgenus Cercidothrix Bunge). This subgenus has more than 800 species in the Old World. Major areas of species endemism for this subgenus occur in Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. Iran, with 158 species, is one of the most important centres of diversity. Leucocercis Bunge is the only endemic section for Iran, although other sections have some species in different countries. Thus having a knowledge of the distribution quality in other areas is also important. In reality, this study is part of the author's research on bifurcating Astragalus in the whole of the Old World. In this article, the most important characteristics for the separation of the sections, the relationships between the sections and an identification key for the sections in Iran are presented. For each section a distribution map is provided.


Astragalus, Cercidothrix, Fabaceae, Galegeae, Iran, Old World

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