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This paper describes a floristic study of Kızıldağ (Isparta/Turkey) and its environs. The study was carried out during 1993-1996 and 1515 vascular plant samples were collected. After the identification of the specimens, the total flora has been determined as 786 taxa belonging to 770 species, 371 genera and 84 families. The endemism rate of the area is 15.5% for the 122 taxa. The largest 3 families are Asteraceae (89 species), Fabaceae (65 species) and Poaceae (62 species). The largest genera are Ranunculus L. (13 species), Allium L. (13 species) and Veronica L. (12 species). The phytogeographical spectrum of the species is as follows: Irano-Turanian elements 143 (18.19%), Mediterranean elements 140 (17.81%) and Euro-Siberian elements 40 (5.08%). One hundred and seventy-three species are new records from B3 and C3 squares. Similarities between the taxa of Kızıldağ and those of 11 other studies performed near our study area were compared using clustering analysis.


Flora, Kızıldağ, Isparta, Turkey

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