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This study was carried out to determine the flora of Kumalar Mountain (Afyon) which is located in the transition zone between the Aegean and Central Anatolia. After the evaluation of 2204 plant specimens collected from the research area between 1996 and 2001, 89 families, 388 genera and 898 taxa were identified. Thirty-two taxa are cultivated and the rest are native. The number of endemic taxa is 122 (14.1%). The phytogeographic elements represented in the study area are as follows: Irano-Turanian 133 (15.4%), Mediterranean 99 (11.4%) and Euro-Siberian 73 (8.4%). The remaining 561 (64.8%) taxa belong to a few phytogeographic regions or are widespread. The life forms of the taxa are determined according to Raunkiaer. Twenty-eight taxa show variations not reported in the Flora of Turkey. These variations are presented in the appendix.


Flora, Kumalar Mountain, Afyon, Turkey

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