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In a previous study of epipelic diatoms on the littoral sediments of İzmit Bay (Marmara Sea, Turkey), which was carried out from March 1999 to September 2000, it was found that two Merismopedia Meyen species (Cyanobacteria) occurred frequently. In the present study, the seasonal variations of density and biomass of the Merismopedia species, which were dominant at certain times in the epipelic algal flora on the littoral sediments of İzmit Bay, were investigated. In addition, some physical and chemical parameters were measured. One of the species, Merismopedia glauca (Ehrenb.) Nägeli, was dominant in terms of cell numbers and frequency while M. tenuissima Lemmerm. was found to be rare and was present in very low numbers. M. glauca was recorded at all seven stations and at certain times reached quite high numbers. The highest numbers were obtained from Station 4, which is characterised by being an area protected from wave action where the sediment is quite stable.


Merismopedia, density, biomass, İzmit Bay, littoral sediment

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