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The vascular flora of the central part of the Abant Nature Park (Bolu, Turkey) was assessed during 1994-1995. Plants (1440 specimens) were collected from the research area and by the evaluation of them and the relevant literature it was determined that there are 664 species in the area including 150 subspecies and 67 varieties, belonging to 84 families and 332 genera. The largest family is Asteraceae (68; 10.3%) and the second largest is Poaceae (55; 8.3%). The largest genus is Veronica L. (15; 2.3%) and the second largest is Ranunculus L. (12; 1.8%). The rates of species belonging to certain phytogeographical regions are as follows: Euro-Siberians 29.3% (together with Euxines 5.3% and Hyrcano-Euxines 0.7%), Mediterraneans 5.6% and Irano-Turanians 4.7%. The numbers of cosmopolitan and phytogeographically unknown species are 3.1% and 57.5%, respectively. The research area is in the Euro-Siberian phytogeographical region. There are 55 endemic taxa in the research area and the endemism ratio is 8.1%.


Abant, Bolu, Flora, Plant list, Turkey

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