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The research area, Kunduz Forests, is located on Kunduz Mountain, which is about 35 km south-west of Vezirköprü (Samsun). This area is in the A5 square in the grid scheme of Davis and is in the Euxine sector of the Euro-Siberian floristic region phytogeographically. The distribution of 306 specific and infraspecific taxa forming the flora of the research area according to floristic regions is as follows: Euro-Siberian 28.43%, Mediterranean 11.44% and Irano-Turanian 4.90%. The percentage of taxa found in more than one floristic region is 55.23%. Twenty-five of the 306 taxa found in the study area are given as new floristic records for the A5 square in the Flora of Turkey. Besides the dominant forest vegetation type, there is also degraded forest vegetation in the research area. These vegetation types are represented by Carpino-Quercetum cerridis Kutbay & Kılınç 1995, Daphno-Pinetum sylvestris Kutbay & Kılınç 1995, Junipero-Pinetum nigrae Özen & Kılınç ass. nov. and Galio-Fagetum orientalis Özen & Kılınç ass. nov. associations. The last two out of the four associations mentioned here are determined to be new associations.


Kunduz Mountain, Vezirköprü, Samsun, Flora, Vegetation.

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