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This study was undertaken with the aim of examining the soil-plant interactions of Cistus creticus L. and Cistus salviifolius L. in West Anatolia. The soil analysis data showed that these plants grow in different kinds of soils with sandy-clayey-loam, clayey-loam and loamy texture. The soils in general are not saline but are moderately and slightly alkaline, being rich in nitrogen and having a low level of phosphorus and potassium. They are unaffected by the calcium carbonate content in soils. A negative relation was observed in C. creticus after regression analysis between plant calcium and soil phosphorus, plant calcium and soil salts, but a positive relation between plant calcium and soil calcium carbonate. In C. salviifolius, there was a positive relation between plant calcium and soil pH.


Cistus creticus, Cistus salviifolius, Autecology.

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