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The field studies have been carried out to determine the flora of Mount Musa between 1994-1996. Nearly, 1000 plant specimens were collected. After identification of these specimens, total flora has been determinated as 522 taxa at specific and subspecific ranks belonging to 287 genera and 87 families. The largest three families are Fabaceae (67 species), Asteraceae (55 species) and Lamiaceae (45 species). The largest genus is Trifolium L. (14 species) and the second is Vicia L. (11 species). Mount Musa is take part in the Mediterranean phytogeographical region. The phytogeographical spectrums of species are as follows: Mediterranean elements, 213 species (40.8 %); Euro-Siberian elements, 43 species (8.2 %); and Irano-Turanian elements, 19 species (3.6 %). The flora of Mount Musa has nearly 52 (9.3 %) endemic plant taxa. Carthamus tenuis (Boiss. & Bl.) Bornm. subsp. gracillimus (Rech. fil.) Hanelt (Asteraceae/Compositae) has been recorded first time from Turkey. The doubtful existences of Echinops bicolor Nàb. (Asteraceae/Compositae) in Turkey has been confirmed by the collection of its specimen from Mount Musa.


Mount Musa, Hatay, Flora, East Mediterranean, Turkey

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