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The algae of Değirmendere River were investigated in the samples collected from different habitats (epipelic, epilithic) in five stations between October 1998 and September 1999. The flora consisted of 74 taxa belonging to Bacillariophyta (52), Chlorophyta (10), Cyanophyta (9) and Euglenophyta (3). Bacillariophyta was dominant in the algal flora. Aulacosira varians Ag. (Coscinodiscaceae), Amphora ovalis Kütz. (Cymbellaceae), Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta (Ehr.) Cleve (Achnanthaceae), Ceratoneis arcus Kütz. (Fragilariaceae), Cymbella minuta Hilse ex Rabh. (Cymbellaceae), Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngb.) M. Schmidt. (Gomphonemaceae), Navicula odiosa Wallace (Naviculaceae), Surirella ovata Kütz. (Surirellaceae) and Synedra ulna (Nitzsch) Ehr. (Fragilariaceae) were the most common taxa in the algal flora. While the maximum density of the epipelic community was found to be 12083 cells/cm^2 in August, the minumum density was 3855 cells/cm^2 in December. The speed of the water current has a great impact on the development of the algal flora.


Epipelic, Epilithic, Algal Community, Değirmendere River

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