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In this article, the floristical characteristics of Berit Dağı (Berit Mountain) are given and the vascular plant species growing there are documented. Berit Dağı is situated in the north-west of Kahramanmaraş province and at the south of Anatolian diagonal. It is in the transitional zone of the Irano-Turanian and Mediterranean phytogeographical regions. The research was carried out between 1977 and 1981. Approximately 2500 plant specimens were collected from the area. At the end of the study, 1132 vascular plant species (1165 taxa) belonging to 97 families and 462 genera were identified. Of these, 200 (17.6%) species are endemic to Turkey. The phytogeographic elements are represented in the study area as follows: Irano-Turanian 320 (28.2%), Mediterranean 170 (15.0%), Euro-Siberian 63 (5.6%). Three new species (Eryngium hedgeanum Kit Tan & Yıldız, Heracleum marashicum Kit Tan & Yildiz, and Asyneuma ekimianum Yildiz & Kit Tan) and two subspecies (Asyneuma ekimianum Yildiz & Kit Tan subsp. ekimianum, A. ekimianum Yildiz & Kit Tan subsp. beritensis Yildiz & Kit Tan) were described from the area.


Vascular plants, Flora, Berit Dağı, Kahramanmaraş

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