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Pollen grains from two samples of Vitis sylvestrisGmelin (Vitaceae) were examined using a light microscope and scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The pollen grains were radially symmetrical, isopolar, 3-colporate, prolate-spheroidal and sub-prolate; amb triangular. Exine sculpture at the mesocolpia was obscurely reticulate under LM, foveolate-rugulate at the mesocolpia and reticulate towards the poles and at the poles in SEM, psilate along the ectoapertures (colpi) margins as observed with both LM and SEM. The tectum was subtectate. The sexine was slightly thinner than the nexine. Nexine 1 was much thicker than Nexine 2. The ectoapertures were narrow and long and with tapering ends. The endoapertures (ora) were circular with thickened margins.

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