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Sclerophylly and foliar nutrient status and interactions between these factors in ash ( Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. subsp. oxycarpa (Bieb. ex Willd.) Franco & Rocha Afonso) and laurel ( Laurus nobilis L.) species were examined. In addition, correlations between sclerophyll index and leaf and soil parameters were investigated. It was found that there were statistically significant differences between the mid-growing season and the end of the growing season with respect to leaf N % concentration, N/Ca and N/Mg ratios in ash, and with respect to leaf N % concentration and soil K % concentration in laurel. The sclerophyll index was negatively correlated with leaf P % concentration in both species. Some important correlations were also found between leaf and soil nutrient concentrations.


Sclerophyll index, evergreenness and deciduousness, foliar nutrient status.

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