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A field study was carried out to determine the flora of the forest series of Yirce-Bürmece-Kömürsu and Muratdere (Bilecik-Bursa) during 1992-1995. In terms of species and subspecies, the flora of the area consisted of 505 taxa including 358 species, 90 subspecies and 46 varieties belonging to 299 genera of 79 families. Nine taxa are new for A2 and 56 are new for B2 square. The highest number of taxa were from the families of Asteraceae 10.0% and Fabaceae 9.2%. The phytogeographical distribution was as follows: Euro-Siberian elements 15.7%, Mediterranean elements 10.5%, Irano-Turanian elements 7.3%. The rate of endemism was 5.9% compared with the total flora.

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