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This investigation was done basing on the macrofungi specimens collected from Izmir province situated in Eagean Region in the West Anatolia between 1992 and 1996. As a result of the studing of laboratory and field, 104 taxa belonging to 32 families were determined. One genus ( Lyophyllum Karst.), 8 species ( Clitocybe bresadoliana Sing., Cystoderma granulosum (Batsch: Fr.) Fay., Lyophyllum favrei Haller & Haller., Melanoleuca paedida (Fr.) Kühn. & Mre., Mycena rosea (Bull.) Gramberg., Stereum ostrea(Blume & Nees ex Fr.) Fr., Strobilurus stephanocystis (Hora) Sing., Tricholoma pardalotum Herink & Kotl.), and 1 variety ( Melanoleuca cognata var. typica (Fr.) Konr. & Moubl.) from these taxa are new records for Turkish Mycoflora. All taxa were listed here in.

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