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The Taurus mountains area is one of the most interesting areas of Turkey as regards flora and vegetation. The region is situated on a transition zone between the Mediterranean and continental climate and contains many microclimate areas because of its topographic character. Therefore, studies on the flora and vegetation of the Taurus mountains give quite different results. The studies on the catchment area of Göksu valley and environs which exhibit Mediterranean climate and is a part of the central Tauruses were ccarried out in 1995-1996. In this study, Braun-Blanquet's floristic system principle was used and six associations (five of them new) were determined. As a result, the ecological relationship between plant, climate and soil was explained. A- Steppe Vegetation 1. Scutellario-Astragaletum microcephalii Ass. Nov. 2. Fritillario-Marrubietum globosii Ass. Nov. B- Forest Vegetation 1. Micromerio-Juniperetum excelsae Ass. 2. Cochleario-Pinetum nigrae Ass. Nov. 3. Mycelido-Abietum cilicicae Ass. Nov. 4. Rhamno-Quercetum pubescentii Ass. Nov.


Göksu, Microclimate, Vegetation, Environment, Turkey

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