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Vicia sativa L. subsp. incisa (Bieb.) Arc. var. incisa was investigated karyologically (chromosome number, karyotype and mitotic division). The chromosome number of Vicia sativa subsp. incisa var. incisa was counted for the first time and it was found to be 2n=14. In the karyotype, 1 submedian (SM) and 6 subterminal (ST) chromosome pairs were found, in one of which a SAT-chromosome was detected. A satellite was on the short arm of the 3rd chromosome pair. In the cells of the root tips, the course of mitosis was regular. The presence of subsp. incisa var. incisa in the flora of Turkey was also confirmed with the specimens (A1(E) Edirne: EDTU 6851, EDTU 6852, EDTU 6853, EDTU 7287, ISTE 74462; A2(E) Istanbul: EDTU 7288).


Vicia sativa subsp. incisa var. incisa, karyotype, mitotic division.

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