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The algal flora at 4 stations chosen on Aksu Stream were investigated between September 1993 and August 1994. The flora consisted of 73 taxa belonging to the Bacillariophyta, Chlorophyta, Cyanophyta and Euglenophyta divisions. The species of Navicula Broy., Nitzschia Hassall, SurirellaTurpin, Amphora Ehr., Cymbella Agardh, Concconeis Ehr., Fragilaria Lyngbye and Synedra ulana (Nitz.) Ehr. were found to be widespread. Apart from members of Bacillariophyta, Oscillatoria limosa (Roth.). C.A.A.gardh., Oscillatoria formosa Broy. and Merismopedia punctata Meyen ( Cyanophyta) were observed to be abundant and frequent, in the year when the research was carried out. The members of other divisions were determined in various frequencies in different months of the year. As a result, Bacillariophyta was dominant among the algal flora of Aksu Stream.


Algae, Flora, Stream.

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