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Some low-molecular-weight carbohydrates extracted with ethanol and water from the fruits of Laurocerasus officinalis Roem. ( Rosaceae), from two different regions in Trabzon, were analysed using gas chromatography. In one population, the analysis in the ethanol extraction showed the occurence of fructose, glucose, sorbitol and sucrose in concentrations (w/w) of 25.20; 23.00; 14.00 and 0.024 %, respectively. The same sugars, in the water extraction were found in concentrations (w/w) of 24.62; 25.59; 7.43 and 0.114 %, respectively. In the other population, these values were 25.44; 23.23; 14.24 and 0.023 for the ethanol extrac-tion, and 24.74; 24.98; 7.18 and 0.108 % for the water extraction, respectively. Mannitol was not detected in either extraction.

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