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The seasonal variations of planktonic diatoms occurring in the Keban and Içme regions of Keban Reservoir were in-vestigated over a 2-year period (January 1991 - December 1992). A total of 104 diatom taxa were determined. Cyclotella ocellata Pantocksek, C. kützingiana Thwaites (Centrales), Asterionella formosa Hassall and Fragilaria crotonensis Kitton (Pennales) were the most conspicuous diatoms in terms of frequency of occurrence and numbers of individuals in the phytoplankton. The species composition and seasonal growth properties of the diatoms differed in the Keban and Içme regions of the lake. Although the quan-tity of diatoms tended to increase in all seasons, spring growth was more conspicuous in both regions. The seasonal growth of di-atoms showed a clear relationship with the temperature and silica concentrations of the lake water.


Diatom, Phytoplankton, Seasonal variation, Keban Dam Lake, Türkiye

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