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The effects of various concentrations of Cytozyme Crop Plus (CCP) on Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. plant yield have been examined in this study. Single doses of 50 and 100 ml per decare of CCP were pulverized on seedlings of 15 cm height after second flowering, which have been given normal care. In addition, 50 ml per decare has been aplied twice in a separate parcel. The data obtained from the three replicates organized according to random blocks trial pattern have been compared with the control. In the trial parcel where daily irrigation and care procedures were carried out, specific yield values have been examined after har-vest. The root length, stem height, fresh and dry weights and N, P and K contents in the root, stem and fruit have been determined besides average number of fruits in the plant, fruit diameter, number of carpels, dry and fresh weight of fruit, % dry matter, col-our of fruit and sugar content analyses. According to the data obtained, CCP is found to be effective on the yield of tomato plant by increasing the dry matter and sugar content in fruit compared to control group, depending on the concentration and application.


Cytozyme Crop Plus, Yield, Lycopersicum esculentum.

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