Turkish Journal of Botany

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The Chromosome Numbers of Five New Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) Records For Turkey




The present study deal with the chromosome numbers of five new Alchemilla L. records for Turkey from the Section Alchemilla Subsection Heliodrosum Rothm. Ser. Vulgares Buser and Subsection Calycanthum Rothm. Ser. Elatae Rothm. The study was carried out on plants from Northeast Anatolia. The following chromosome numbers were determined. A. daghestanica Juz. 2n= 96-106, A. speciosa Bus. 2n= 66-76, A. holotricha Juz. 2n= 68-76, A. smirnovii Juz. 2n= 70-76, and A. epipsila Juz. 2n= 100-110. The five species proved to be high polyploids, as are majority of species of the section Alchemilla studied in various geographic areas.

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