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Flora of Antalya City




The natural plants of the city of Antalya were examined, together with some cultivated plants. During the period 1992-1994, by evaluting the collected 2350 herbarium specimens, 131 families, 570 genera and 1027 species were identified. The number of different taxa is 1069. Eight hundred and sixty-six of the 1027 species are natural and the rest are cultivated plants. Fifty-six of the 1069 taxa are new records for the C3 square. The number of endemic plants is 75 (7.7%). More than one third, 378 (36.8%) of the identified species are Mediterranean elements, 27 (2.65%) are Irano-Turanion elements and 26 (2.55%) are Euro-Siberian elements, while remaning 596 (58%) species are cosmopolitan or species whole phytogeographical region is undetermined.


Plant Systematics, Flora, Antalya

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