Turkish Journal of Botany

The Effects of Infusion Temperatures and Times on Vitamin C Content Infused From Fruits of Dog Rose ( Rosa Canina L.)




Vitamin C content infused from the fruits of Rosa Canina L. (rose hip) in high proportion with a simple procedure was investigated. The storage forms of frozen and dried rose hip were steeped in water at 25, 30, 40, 50, 60^oC and at boiling point for several infusion periods. The analysis showed that the vitamin C contents were 1200 mg/100 g in the frozen fruits (undivided) and 2000 mg/100 g in the dried fruits. The highest vitamin C contents in the infusions prepared from the frozen frozen fruits were found to be 19.7% and 86.5% at 60^oC for an infusion period of 270 min for undivided and the divided frozen fruits, respectively. The highest values obtained from the dried fruits were also found at 60^oC for 360 min (24.0%) and at boiling point for 80 min (85.0%). The data shows that losses of 13.5 to 15.0 % vitamin C occurred with this procedure. Thus, this procedure is recommended as a simple way for people to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.


Rose hip, Rosa canina, Vitamin C, Temperature

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