Turkish Journal of Botany

The Distribution of Nutrients in The Different Strata of A Quercus Cerris L. var. cerris Forest




The nutrient concentrations in different strata and different tissues are very important in determining the fertility of a forest ecosystem. In this study, the nutrient concentrations (N, P, K, Ca, Mg) of the different strata of a Quercus cerris L. var. cerris L. var. cerris (Fagaceae) forest and its soils were determined and the correlations between them investigated. It was determined that the tree and shrub layers are different from each other in respect to the foliar N and P concentrations. It was also found that there are statistically important correlations between certain soil and plant-nutrient concentrations.


Mediterranean-Type Forests, Shrub and Herb Layers, Soil-Plant nutrient relationships.

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