Turkish Journal of Botany

Effects of Heavy Metals (Zn, Cd, Cu, Hg) on the Soluble Protein Bands of Germinating Lens esculenta L. Seeds




The effects of ZN, Cd, Cu and Hg on the soluble protein bands and growth of the plumule and radicle during the germination of lentil seeds (Lens esculenta L.), (Fabaceae) were investigated in this study. The seeds were treated with 10-100 mg/l Cu, Hg, Cd and 50-200 mg/l Zn. The percentage of seeds germinating gradually decreased with higher concentrations. Novel proteins were found in the cotyledon, plumule and radicle after aplication of the heavy metals. The application of some heavy metals also increased the level of certain proteins which were present in the control especially in the endosperm. In general, positive correlations between the activity and number of protein bands and the percent of seeds germinating, even the growth of the plumule and radicle were found. The results are important in determining the effect of the heavy metals on protein metabolism during germination.


germination, heavy metals, soluble proteins Lens esculenta

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