Turkish Journal of Botany

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Response of Some Microalgae to Herbicides




The growth response of Scenedesmus kissi Hortob. (Scenedesmaceae), S. obliquus (Turp) Kütz. (Scenedesmaceae), Chlorella vulgaris Beyerinck (Chlorellaceae) and Synechocystis sp. Sauvageau (Cyanophyceae) to various concentrations of four different herbicides (chlorsulfuron, tribenuron-methyl, dimethylamin, isooctylester) were studied in laboratory cultures. The four herbicides were chosen as the experimental materials because of their wide use in weed control in cereal fields in Turkey. All of the herbicides tested had effects on microalgal growth depending on the concentration in a BG 11 solid medium. Of the four herbicides examined, isooctylester was a commonly used herbicide around Mogan Lake. All of the species isolated from this lake were found to be tolerant isooctylester.

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