Turkish Journal of Botany

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Isolation of Some Diatoms from Lake Aksehir (Konya-Turkey) and the Kursunlu Waterfall (Antalya-Turkey)




Five diatoms were isolated by using the streaking method onto BG II agar (1 %) medium including 2 % soil extract. Nonmotile diatom single cells produced colonia on the agar plates. The colonia and motile diatom single cells on agar plate surfaces were removed with a pasteur micropipette under a light microscope, transferred on agar slants and cultivated under 500 lux at room temperature. Finally, three motile diatoms, Navicula lanceolata (Ag.) Kütz., (Naviculaceae), Navicula pupula Kütz., (Naviculaceae), Nitzschia palea (Kütz.) W. Smith (Nitzschiaceae), and two nonmotile diatom species Nitzschia frustulum (Kütz.) Grun. (Nitzschiaceae), Cyclotella glomerata Bachmann (Coscinodiscaceae) were isolated from the agar plate surfaces.

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