Turkish Journal of Botany

Spatial Distribution of Net Diatoms Along Adjacent Water Masses of Different Origin




Larger diatoms (>55 µm) were sampled using closing bottles from on board the R/V Bilim along adjacent water masses of different origin in order to observe patchy assemblages of net diatoms. MDS (Multi-Dimensional Scaling) plots of diatoms in adjacent water masses inhabiting the south-western Black Sea, Bosphorus, Golden Horn, the north-eastern Sea of Marmara and Izmit Bay have shown that patchy configurations of diatom were orientated along particular dominating environmental gradients, mainly temperature and salinity. A two-way evolution takes place in the Bosphorus as the Black Sea water flows towards the Sea of Marmara near the surface and under-neath the Mediterranean inflow, below the pycnocline towards the Black Sea. Considerable changes in salinity and temperature with depth in the region affected the drifting flora considerably, especially its diatom composition. Of all the regions, the south-western Black Sea was the most species diverse and abundant.


Bosphorus, net diatoms, patches, temperature, salinity.

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