Turkish Journal of Botany

The Effect of Heavy Metals on the Isoenzymes of Amylase and Peroxidase During Germination of Lentil (Lens esculenta L.) Seeds




Lentil seeds were treated with 10-100 mg/l Cu, Cd, Hg and 50-200 mg/l Zn. The seed germination rate was gradually decreased with respect to the increase in heavy metal concentrations. New isoperoxidases which were not in the control were found in cotyledons and plumule-radicles due to the effects of the heavy metals. The Isoperoxidase number in the plumule-radicle was increased in Cu and Cd, but in the cotyledon in Zn and Hg, compared with other metal treatments. It was found that the number of amylase isoenzymes was also increased by the heavy metals in the cotyledons and the plumule-radicle.


Lentil, heavy metals, amylase, peroxidase

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