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The Flora of the Köycegiz-Dalyan Specially Protected Area (Mugla-Turkey)




The field studies have been made to determine the flora of Köycegiz-Dalyan SPA during 1991 and 1992. Almost 2500 plant specimens were collected in these studies. After the identification of these specimens, 924 taxa at specific and subpecific ranks were determined. The essential details of these taxa are given below. The largest family is Poaceae (88 species) and the second is Fabaceae (86 species). The largest genus is Allium L. (16 species) an the second is Euphorbia L. (15 species). The Köycegiz- Dalyan SPA is in the Mediterranean phytogenographical region. The phytogeographical spectrum of the species is as follows: East Mediterranean elements number 202; Mediterranean elements, 178; Euro-Siberian elements, 38 and Irano-Turanians, 18. Hydrocotyle vulgaris L. (Apiaceae), Anthemis melanolepis Boiss. (Asteraceae), Onopordum majoru Beauverd (Asteraceae) and Linum maritimum L. (Linaceae) have been recorded in Turkey for the first time.


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