Turkish Journal of Botany

An Anther-Specific Transcript From Brassica napus L. Shows Similarity to Chalcone and Stilbene Synthase Sequences




The A1 cDNA clone represents an anther-specific transcript whose predicted peptide sequence shows similarity to those of the enzymes chalcone synthase (CHS) and stilbene synthase (STS). A1 also shows strong similarity to another B. napus L. anther-specific transcript, BA42 (11). BA42 and A1 represent a family of B. napus anther-specific genes which encode proteins related to the CHS/STS group but which are considerably different from them. It is not known whether the proteins encoded by these genes carry out CHS or STS type reactions in vivo, or whether they catalyse one or more other related but distinct type (s) of reaction.


Anther-specific, Brassica napus, cDNA, chalcone synthase, stilbene synthase

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